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    Zazion Meets With Success

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      Near the end of the second business quarter, Zazion Marketing & Websites studio – based in Brooklyn, NY – has brought to a close over a dozen website projects with tremendous success across multiple industries, thus exceeding their biannual target already.


      In the last year, Zazion Web Studio in Brooklyn, NY has become a hub for creativity and web development that serves the business needs of Jewish and general communities in the New York State, up to the highest standards.

      “Above all, we value our clients’ unique needs for their web design and development projects. Our main focus is to deliver custom-built websites that are self-intuitive, reliable, and modern while in the meantime we get to hit the mark in portraying our client’s individuality and their distinct business image,” says Yossi Schtroks, CEO of Zazion.

      The milestones that the Web studio managed to complete with great success in such a short space of time speak more than words. From big and small e-commerce websites in the fashion & retail industry to non-profits, news, blogs, luxury salons & events companies – all executed perfectly to a tee.

      “We do everything for our clients, starting with an initial consultation and concept creation based on their budget, needs & specific platform requirements. Once we establish an action plan, we move on to the design & development stages, during which we customize our plugins and additional features that bring the website to its desired final look.”

      Zazion is a Web design & development company that focuses on quality rather than quantity. Each and every project is implemented meticulously with consideration to the client’s unique needs regarding their website’s functionality, main purpose, interface appearance, traffic, Google ranking, maintenance & sales goals.

      “The only way around to finalize a website project in our studio is to know that our client is completely pleased with the end result! We are a highly customer-centric agency and this is what brings us new business, reputation and motivation to continue doing our job eagerly in the months and years to come”.

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