What is the Difference Between Graphic Design and Web Design?

Graphic design and web design are both creative fields. However, they have some key differences. Graphic design is typically used to create visuals for print, such as logos, posters, flyers, magazine layouts, etc. Web design focuses on creating visuals for the digital world, such as websites, apps, user interfaces, etc.

Graphic designers often use software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create their designs. Web designers may use these same tools and Figma but also specialize in coding languages like HTML and CSS to bring their creations to life online. They must have a good understanding of how websites work and how users interact with them to create compelling designs that are both visually appealing and easy to use.

Overall, graphic design and web design can be seen as complementary disciplines that require different skill sets but can often overlap. Both involve creativity and problem-solving skills, making them great career options for those passionate about creating beautiful visuals for print and digital media.

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