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Graphic Design &
3D Modeling & Rendering

Visual Expertise

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Graphic Design
  • TYPOGRAPHY - typefaces, font styles, and text arrangements to create visual impact.
  • COLOR - for visual interest and to convey mood, tone, and message.
  • LAYOUT - the arrangement of visual elements within a design to create a harmonious and effective composition.
  • IMAGERY -  photographs, illustrations, and other visual media to create impact and convey meaning.
  • PRINT DESIGN - brochures, posters, and other promotional items for print.

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3D Modeling & Rendering
  • 3D Modeling - three-dimensional digital objects using specialized software and expertise.
  • Texturing - adding surface details and patterns to 3D models, creating the appearance of materials such as wood, metal, fabric, and more.
  • Lighting - virtual lights to illuminate 3D models and control the overall look and feel of the scene.
  • Rendering - a final image or animation from a 3D scene, using powerful algorithms to simulate light, shadows, and reflections.

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